Without qualification Mr. Vasilatos possesses the strongest skill set you could ask for in an attorney. He is aggressive when it's called for, graceful and professional, empathetic, and a formidably incisive trial attorney who can telegraph opposing counsels' next few moves before they are made. It is a rare thing in the legal profession to unequivocally trust your counsel on every issue in a complex, high-stakes matter. Mr. Vasilatos took our case when every other attorney we met with took a dim view of our chances and urged us to take half of what we were owed. Mr. Vasilatos rejected this philosophy, identifying multiple ways to exact leverage on the parties who owed us a considerable sum of money. He stopped at nothing to continue pressure on the other side, never relenting until they realized we were willing to go all the way to trial and win. That is how a real trial attorney delivers optimal results. I recommend Andreas Vasilatos whenever and however you may require legal counsel. He's a hidden gem, one of New York City's best kept secrets, and is worth twice his rates.