I hired Andreas to be my matrimonial lawyer in the summer of 2020. At that time, I was entangled in an extremely difficult divorce. The length of my marriage coupled with the fact that I had kids made the proceedings extremely difficult and challenging. On top of it all, I was thrust into a difficult child custody battle. Without any hesitation Andreas took over my case, which by its nature it was an extremely difficult case. Having been years into a marriage, having kids and multiple properties and businesses involved under my name and that of my former spouse. You can understand the degree of difficulty of my case. No words can accurately describe the help and support that I received from Andreas during that difficult stage. Without Andreas’s expertise, I would not have had the successful outcomes that I’ve had. He is professional, efficient and personable. He is an experienced lawyer and will always be a step ahead from your thinking and that of the other party. Andreas was successful in achieving and fulfilling all the objectives that we had set from the beginning. On top of all, Andreas encountered and solved issues that no one had expected to see! He has stood by me throughout this difficult process that lasted several months and guided me through this lengthy process. Andreas is always available, no matter the time of the day. Anything you need, he will be there. Even if you contact him, and he is in a meeting. He will text you back to tell you that he is receipt of your communication. I am grateful that I was introduced to Andreas. He is the one that turned my life around and improved my situation in a such a challenging time period. He secured my parental rights as a father, he safeguarded my financial situation, and all my objectives were met. I wholeheartedly recommend Andreas.

– Jonathan, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

Hired Andreas to litigate my matrimonial. If you need to try your case, he is the one for you. Always available and highly dependable.

– Marina, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

Andreas was recommended to me by a friend and one of his colleagues, because of his specialty in family law. He is very knowledgeable and he always thinks ahead of you to take care of your interests. I was able to contact him or his partners in the office in reasonable hours and he or someone at his office would get back to me ASAP to answer all my questions. Totally recommend him if you want someone who has as his priority his client’s interests.

– Chrysa, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

I hired Andreas to represent me in a custody and divorce. After my wife and her lawyer threw false accusations and orders of protection against me, Andreas patiently and tactically dismantled their family offense petition with the truth, unrelenting logic, and well timed use of hard evidence. Andreas carefully capitalized on the other sides mistakes and dishonesty. The result is the judge ruled in our favor in all items on the petition we wanted during the trial. His shrewdly aggressive use of the truth and refusal to play dirty games shows his integrity and dedication to his client. Moving forward with the rest of the divorce, I have full trust and faith in my legal consul, Andreas Vasilatos, to bargain and fight hard and intelligently in my favor.

– Ming, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

I want to acknowledge and thank Andreas Vasilatos for being a kick ass attorney and making a 2 year old headache go away!! The man is a pitbull…went at them relentlessly. But that's the harsh reality of today's legal system with frivolous lawsuits and bogus claims…they expected a settlement…I refused to!! Stood my ground and was determined to see it through…at the end the other side for obvious reasons gave up and case dismissed!!

– Roberto, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

Without qualification Mr. Vasilatos possesses the strongest skill set you could ask for in an attorney. He is aggressive when it's called for, graceful and professional, empathetic, and a formidably incisive trial attorney who can telegraph opposing counsels' next few moves before they are made. It is a rare thing in the legal profession to unequivocally trust your counsel on every issue in a complex, high-stakes matter. Mr. Vasilatos took our case when every other attorney we met with took a dim view of our chances and urged us to take half of what we were owed. Mr. Vasilatos rejected this philosophy, identifying multiple ways to exact leverage on the parties who owed us a considerable sum of money. He stopped at nothing to continue pressure on the other side, never relenting until they realized we were willing to go all the way to trial and win. That is how a real trial attorney delivers optimal results. I recommend Andreas Vasilatos whenever and however you may require legal counsel. He's a hidden gem, one of New York City's best kept secrets, and is worth twice his rates.

– Michael, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

I hired him to start and settle my divorce I believe that he assisted me very well, and has been doing everything to make this process easier for me. My only issue may have been communication at times but all questions were answered and he was always very patient and helpful.

– Gary, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

Divorce can and will always be one of the most traumatic experiences anyone could go through as a human being. Having the ability to satisfy both parties at war is a skill only few attorneys wield. Mr. Vasilatos is just such a lawyer with every bit of skill and tact needed to get through those rough moments. And he genuinely cares about the outcome for both parties. This is the kind of level headed thinking that is needed for resolution of Divorce. And also the consideration for the needs of both parents in a custody dispute. I am proud and please to say that I had a tough life situation in my own divorce and Andreas was there with me every step of the way, including the day when I was declared ..."free at last, free at last, thank god almighty..." So, if you want to get divorced, get custody of your child(ren) from an unfit parent, or dealing with abuse. This is the Man of the Hour, the Knight in shining armor who has had his metal tested time and time again. You will not be disappointed and you will come to understand why I stated "Priceless" in the title.

– Ian, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

Andreas was recommended by another attorney to represent me in a matter in Queens Family Court. He was always on time for each appearance and well prepared with a strong knowledge of the law. He was easy to contact and always returned calls.

– Robert, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

My partner and I decided to separate. This seemed like a very difficult thing for us to process. Meeting with Andreas made all the issues very simple to understand. He made me very calm, clear, and secure. My partner was worried that I took these steps first. Andreas communicated well with her and we were all on the same page easily. I would recommend him for his services because he presence is calm, collected and professional. Happy to me know that he helped us come to simple terms and a peaceful resolution. Thank you Andreas.

– John, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

Andreas made a very confusing, intimidating process make sense every step of the way. He gave 110% and always took the time to explain and be sure I understood the process. Andres and his team were always available to answer any questions and address all my concerns. I cannot thank him enough.

– Anthony, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

Andreas was hired to represent our son in a civil suit. First and most importantly... everything turned out great! Andreas was professional, understanding and hard working. You will be in good hands with Andreas.

– Past Client, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

Mr. Vasilatos made my divorce proceedings painless and almost enjoyable, lol. He is a great attorney and a nice guy too.

– Past Client, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

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