I hired Andreas to be my matrimonial lawyer in the summer of 2020. At that time, I was entangled in an extremely difficult divorce. The length of my marriage coupled with the fact that I had kids made the proceedings extremely difficult and challenging. On top of it all, I was thrust into a difficult child custody battle. Without any hesitation Andreas took over my case, which by its nature it was an extremely difficult case. Having been years into a marriage, having kids and multiple properties and businesses involved under my name and that of my former spouse. You can understand the degree of difficulty of my case. No words can accurately describe the help and support that I received from Andreas during that difficult stage. Without Andreas’s expertise, I would not have had the successful outcomes that I’ve had. He is professional, efficient and personable. He is an experienced lawyer and will always be a step ahead from your thinking and that of the other party. Andreas was successful in achieving and fulfilling all the objectives that we had set from the beginning. On top of all, Andreas encountered and solved issues that no one had expected to see! He has stood by me throughout this difficult process that lasted several months and guided me through this lengthy process. Andreas is always available, no matter the time of the day. Anything you need, he will be there. Even if you contact him, and he is in a meeting. He will text you back to tell you that he is receipt of your communication. I am grateful that I was introduced to Andreas. He is the one that turned my life around and improved my situation in a such a challenging time period. He secured my parental rights as a father, he safeguarded my financial situation, and all my objectives were met. I wholeheartedly recommend Andreas.