Divorce can and will always be one of the most traumatic experiences anyone could go through as a human being. Having the ability to satisfy both parties at war is a skill only few attorneys wield. Mr. Vasilatos is just such a lawyer with every bit of skill and tact needed to get through those rough moments. And he genuinely cares about the outcome for both parties. This is the kind of level headed thinking that is needed for resolution of Divorce. And also the consideration for the needs of both parents in a custody dispute. I am proud and please to say that I had a tough life situation in my own divorce and Andreas was there with me every step of the way, including the day when I was declared ..."free at last, free at last, thank god almighty..." So, if you want to get divorced, get custody of your child(ren) from an unfit parent, or dealing with abuse. This is the Man of the Hour, the Knight in shining armor who has had his metal tested time and time again. You will not be disappointed and you will come to understand why I stated "Priceless" in the title.